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who are we?

In the beginning of the 14th AC, Khan Al Saboun was the first trade center in the Middle
East area and has acquired a prestigious post in the international trade world for
specializing in natural cosmetics and handmade soaps.Science of pharmacy & natural therapy for more than 600 years ago and has revived the Khan Al
Saboun legend till today by developing a special line of beauty and cosmetics as natural

Soap industry in the Lebanese coast is as old as olives. Tripoli & it’s wise men are
distinguished for their sophistication in natural farming and producing of aromatic &
therapeutic soap, as well as the decorative soap used as an attractive gift item for visitors in
many special & happy occasions.

The Arabian countries were the natural market that embraced Lebanese natural products like cosmetics & soaps. All GCC and Europe too was
interested in the Lebanese natural product quality since thousands of years ago.

Mission & Vision
With the spectacular growth in natural and organic product ranges in the Middle East, Khan Al Saboun managed to position Khan Al Saboun Product categories as a prestigious & premium from
production till to be in the market , specializing through khan Al Saboun production history in various beauty care
categories and has become recognized as one of the renowned and credible beauty directory of natural and organic products
Core Objectives
To help people to be environment friendly in the same time to look good, feel good and get more out of healthy
life. To support in creating awareness about the importance of using organic cosmetics.
Profound Expertise
Our deep rooted knowledge helped us to be the market leader in natural and organic soap as well and depth
understanding in local cultures and markets across has helped us build a strong relationship with consumers
which are the foundation for our future growth
Our wealth of knowledge has descended from our highly experienced beauty experts who always
works on product development to be in international exposure
Renowned Managerial Team
Our Managers are from Premier Business Schools with relevant academic qualifications and expertise in the
respected market segments and have considerable knowledge and experience in the MENA region.
Key Strengths
Our key to success is sustaining long term relationships with our principals and customers, and commitment to
which have helped us reap the benefits of the Country’s growth and development harvests.
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